Vandalism| Why destroy if you can build?

Scribble here, doodle there, Vandalism everywhere! This is the most known type of vandalism but how the dictionary define vandalism, it is any intentionally or purposively destruction of any public or private property. I have been weighing my thoughts about this matter for a while. It is actually the most sought topic on debates so I will be mentioning the causes, effects and possible solutions for the subject.

Infograph about Vandalism by Jay-an Muellenero

“Freedom of expression”—that is what vandals are fighting for. They kept on convincing the state that it is their way of expressing their feelings. BUT! As in B-to-the-U-to-the-T, I believe that everything has its limitation. Metaphorically speaking, “Try spreading your arms widely, that’s how broad your freedom is, but when you’ve hit someone, that marks your limit”.

Vandalism could be a sign of rebellion. Lack of parental guidance or attention could be a cause. Vandals do such acts to regain attention or recognition. Also, vandalism could be a sign of petitions. We can see that there are these groups of people that destroy public properties to send messages or to use it as an eye-opener to the government. In addition, Vandalisms are done due to peer pressure. We, the youth, acts abruptly.  We follow the trend on a circle of friends to prove that we are independent or can do anything.  Teens are the type of go-with-the-flow unlike the adults that already have their principles in life that is why teens are ready to do anything that is treated as cool within their friends. The downfall of this is the monetary backfire to the government. Just imagine if one vandalize a public property and the government has to fund for repair, it is such a waste of money instead of using it for other public purposes. Also, if one would vandalize a private property, it is such a hassle to the owner. Overall it is disrespect to the owner. When I was on my 11th grade, our teacher on Understanding Politics, Culture and Society taught us the human rights. It was stated on the Universal Declaration of human rights about the right to property.

I would suggest on installing more CCTVs especially to the streets. Also, improve the penalty on the violation of the law. Well, we have to give importance on the value of discipline. In addition, home is where it all starts. Parents should provide enough attention and discipline to their child. Self-awareness must be pointed out. I also think that schools must strictly observe the “no vandalism” policy. Even if it is on the code of conduct, we can see that it is still not properly observed. I could still see scribbles on tables and doodles on the comfort room. We should keep in mind that we deprive our next generations of their heritage if we harm public and private property and deface the aesthetics of the surrounding. Now, can you set a good example to others?


19 thoughts on “Vandalism| Why destroy if you can build?

  1. Graffiti is an art that people made to express their inner thoughts. But due to the undisciplined people they tend to do an art that is out of the scope or they are in the limitation line which this graffiti would be could as vandalism. I suggest that some organizations or maybe the people will establish a group for these teens/people who are doing the vandalism. They will have a freedom wall which is legal for them to continue it without going further to the limitations.


  2. It was nice that you’ve pointed out the real meaning of vandalism. It was actually a misconception that of vandalism is graffiti. And speaking of graffiti, there is nothing wrong with doing it as long as it is your own property.

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  3. People prefer destroying cause building takes time and effort. A foolish conception on choosing shortcuts than learning through the journey. Gotta keep my eye on your future posts 😉

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  4. I very much like the line, “We should keep in mind that we deprive our next generations of their heritage if we harm public and private property and deface the aesthetics of the surrounding.” Vandalism can be an art but when it starts to harm others then how can you even call that an art. Nice blog, even the way you presented it was very commendable.


  5. Freedom of expression?
    Then they’re basically agrees that sayong hurtful words to other people is fine because it is your freedom?

    ANY KIND OF FREEDOM HAS LIMITATION. and so, I agree with you Jay An. 🙂


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